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Measurement Tips for Digging a Pond

Installing a pond near a septic system requires some information of how septic system work and your local guidelines on setbacks. Even a decorative garden pond might be influenced by the bacteria and supplements from a drain, particularly if it’s downhill from the septic system. In general, a pond and the septic drains of your septic systems should be isolated by 50 to 100 feet, depending on your local building codes.

Septic System Setbacks

Septic systems have specific rules regarding setbacks. Your local building permit office typically has a form that explains not just how to apply for a septic system permit, but also offers the minimum setbacks. In general, leach fields must be 100 feet from streams, waterways, water supply wells, oceans, lakes or reservoirs. A pond might be viewed as a man-made reservoir according to the local building codes.

How a Septic System Works

Septic systems contain of an underground tank, where the solids, fats and waste from your home are isolated, and the leach or drain field, where the waste water step by step saturates the dirt or evaporates.

Since the water waste is filled with bacteria and supplements, such as nitrogen and phosphorus, the leach field is built in soils that will gradually retain and filter the water, making it safe before it achieves the underground water that fills your well.

How a Septic System Affects a Pond

While a septic system filters and cleans the water from your home, putting a pond near the leach fields can influence the pond’s environment. The additional nitrogen and phosphorus saturating the pond from the leach field can cause an abundance of water plants and algae.

Regardless of whether your pond is planned to support fish farming or koi, the septic system can influence the fish, killing them or infecting them with harmful bacteria. Eating the fish may make you debilitated, or even kill the local waterfowl who also make the most of your tilapia or koi.

Protecting the Septic System

While septic system is commonly a low-maintenance strategy for securely processing sewage from your home, there are measures you can take to ensure it. Planting a glade over the leach field enables the waste water evaporate while the plants retain the excess supplements, keeping them from migrating through the dirt to nearby ground water or waterways. Keeping heavy equipment and vehicles of the system secures the leach field and avoid costly fixes.

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